Address: 31, Aviator Radu Beller, 3rd floor, district 1, Bucharest
004 021 230 61 51
004 0744 606 930
Fax: 004 021 233 91 79
Contact Person / Position: Florin Paraschiv / General Manager
Background experience
Film productions
− “Numaratoarea finala” (“Final Countdown”), produced in association with “Ifage” Wiesbaden, Germany for ZDF;
− “Die Soester Wiesenkirche” (“The Wiesen Cathedral in Soest”), produced in association with “Digital Drama” GmbH, Hamburg, Germany for WDR
− “Das Delphi Syndikat - Die Geheime Macht Des Orakels” (“ The Delphi Syndicate – Ancient Predictions”), produced in association with cu "Ifage" Wiesbaden, Germany for ZDF/ARTE
− “Das Geraubte Gold Jahwes - Odysee Eines Legendären Schatzes” (“The Heist of Jehowah’s Gold – The Odyssey of a Legendary Treasure”), produced in association with "Ifage" Wiesbaden for ZDF/ARTE
− “Die Nervenprobe - Kuba Crise '62” (“A Battle of Nerves – The Cuban Crisis '62”) produced in association with "Ifage" Wiesbaden for ZDF/ARTE
Awards and nominations
− 2000, First Prize Winner, Photography section for “The Dome in Köln”, “Kolner Medienpreis 2000” Festival
Main activities:
− production team and film crew
− casting professional actors, performance art students, extras, large array of characters, video, photo presentation available, computerized database
− comprehensive movie location database
− professionally designed set constructions, props, costumes and customized locations covering a large array of historical periods
Equipments (machinery and devices):
− Film equipments: BETA, DVCAM
− Lighting equipments: HMI and Tungsten projectors, 40 KW generator set, transportation services
− Transportation: passenger cars, vans, utility trailer for lighting equipment