Address: Bucharest
Telephone: 004 021 211 45 89
Fax: 004 021 211 45 88
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Contact Person:
Ada Vertan/ Manager
Background experience:
- Feature films:
  • 2004, “Aventurile unei zile” (“A Few Day’s Adventures”)
  • 1997, “Paradisul in direct”, (“Direct Broadcast from Paradise”)
  • 1994, “A doua cadere a Constantinopolului”, (“The Second Fall of Constantinople”)
  • Audio and tv commercials produced for Nestle, The National Lottery, Continental Hotels, Assos, Kober, TAROM, Malev etc.
  • TV productions: “Duminica in familie” (Sunday in Family, for Antena 1), the musical show “Ei si ?!” (So what?, for TVR 1), special Christmas and New Year’s Eve tv shows (for Antena 1), “Cascadorii... jocului” (“Cascadors... of the Game”, for TVR 1)
  • Dreher Festival (Bucharest and Constanta)
- Awards and nominations
  • APTR Award for the best TV entertainment show (1998) - "Duminica in familie" (“Sunday in Family”)
  • APTR Award for the New Year’s Eve special TV show 1999-2000, produced for Antena 1
Equipments (machinery and devices) and capabilities:
- Full cast and crew for movies (feature films, short-films and documentary), TV productions, audio and TV commercials;
- Special filming equipments, customized to fit our clients’ specifications;
- casting: young talents recruitment and contract-making with national and international established movie stars;
- management and artist management services;
- logistic services related to TV and film productions (transportation, catering, escort services for special guests and translations)
- promotion services for events