About Us


The Body of Employers ( the Patronate) has as main purpose the unitary representation of the interests of all the members of the commercial societies, professional associations, authorized physical persons of the field of the production and the supplyings of cinematographic and televisive services, of the consultation , of the providers of speciality, of the production and of the activity fields connected with these, and support the National Center of Cinematography in the promotion activity of the Romanian film.
Principally, for the accomplishment of its aim, the Patronat (the Body of Employers) has the following object of activity :
1. the representation, the promotion, the support and the defense of the economical, technical and juridical interest of the cinematographic and televisive producers ;
2. the activating for the plenary liberty of action of the employers for the purpose of developing and efficientising their activity;
3. the promotion of the loyal competition within the legal conditions with the purpose of ensuring equal chances to each of the film producers of the cinematography and the television;
4. the participation with active role to the initiation, the elaboration and the promotion of the programs of development, restructuration, privatisation, liquidation, economic cooperation;
5. the designation of representatives at the negotiation and the conclusion of the collective labour contracts, to other negotiation and agreements in the relations with the public authorities and the trade-unions as well as in the tripartite management structures and of social dialogue.
6. the provision for its members of information, the facilitation of relationships between these ones as well as with other organizations;
7. the promotion of the managerial progress, of the services of consultation and assistance of speciality;
8. the realization of exchanges of experience and information between its members and with profil organizations of the country and of abroad ;
9. the organization of festivals and profil markets and symposium on the themes of interest for the members inclusively by international participations;
10. the edition of some publications of speciality periodical and occasional;
11. the initiation of programmes of preparation and specialization of its members personnel in partnership with attested specialist of the country and of abroad;
12. the promotion of financement and management projects that can be realized by the efforts of the members with the observance of the legal provisions;
13. the participation at international actions (festival, markets,seminaries,working encounters, congresses, scientific researches activities, periodical and scientific publications) in the field of the cinematography and the television;
14. the affiliation at other national and international similar organizations;
15. the popularization of the Patronate`s actions results by mass-media editing, printing and diffusion of books, reviews, reports, monographs, recommendations, studies and other kinds of publications and specialty works;
16. the attraction by elaborating firm programmes, of the public or private resources from the country and from a broad, for realizing the investments in the field of the cinematography and the television;
17. the promotion and support of a modern system of communications between the members of the Patronate in the reciprocal benefit of them, for the diffusion and the spreading of information and knowledge relating to the cinematographic and television industry;
18. initiates and supports the actions concerning the restarting of the film and television production, the consolidation of the film and television producer`s statute;
19. supports the action aimed to fight the piracy by the organization of promotional events, the editing of materials as well as every other necessary activities;
20. develops programmes of public utility with cultural, artistic, scientific, educational, informative specific, between physical persons, governmental institutions, professional associations interesting its sphere of activity, for favouring the knowledge of the Romanian film, the establishing of cultural and spiritual relationships with the Romanians of outside Romania as well as the stimulation of the knowledge of other cineamtographies;
21. awards the producers and the cinema people whose works were distinguishead in national and international competitions of presttige as well as the beginners;
22. the implication beside the National Center of Cinematography in the professional attestation in the field of the cinematography and the television;